The Road Ahead

The fishing pond at Bud Weil Park received long awaited repairs this year.

We have a great deal to be proud of, and many reasons to be optimistic about the future of our city. After years of vacancy on the old Chrysler property, the Logistics Park is taking hold, and new businesses are calling Fenton home. Successful revamping of the sales tax redistribution and the general health of the economy have improved our fiscal picture.

On the other hand, recent events have caused me to question our leadership. In the past year, zoning plans designed to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods, have been challenged by outside developers who contributed heavily to our current mayor’s 2017 campaign. Mayor Voyles has also attracted negative press in recent months for his involvement in a hit and run accident. He not only demonstrated very poor judgement during the ordeal, but has since taken a dismissive and unapologetic stance. The people of Fenton deserve better.

Given the privilege to serve as Mayor, my goals will be to ensure that (1) our local government process is transparent, and (2) our citizens have a voice. With honest and open communication, and real accountability at all levels of government, we can begin to earn your trust again.