My Story

Bob and his wife, Barb, have called Fenton home for 30 years.

I grew up in an era when doing the right thing, honesty, and hard work were the foundations of a good man. If you mess up, be a man and take responsibility for your actions. I was surrounded by my family (mainly WWII veterans) who I grew to admire and aspired to be like.

I’m a long standing citizen of Fenton. It’s hard to believe I have lived here 30 years and with my wife and raised 2 wonderful children. We have been married for over 40 years and are still the best of friends.

They and my parents instilled in me a civic duty. I remember well going to vote with my parents and watching the first televised presidential debates when only 5 years of age.

Last year, with good friends and neighbors drawing me into the responsibility, I became an Alderman to represent my ward and the citizens of Fenton. I had retired and thought it was time to give back to the community that has given me so much. I can’t thank them enough for the gentle push that helped me complete my decision.

Fenton is truly a gem in the Metro area. We enjoy amenities unrivaled in the St Louis area such as ZERO local taxes, free trash, massive green space, excellent police, and street services. We achieve this through a delicate balance between commercial properties and residential areas but this balance is fragile. Once sections of our city are destroyed by bad decisions it is hard to unravel the damage. Please understand that there are tremendously powerful outside interests looking to chop up our little diamond and sell it for a profit. We must join together to keep our little community intact.

I am humbled to serve as Aldermen of my ward and as Mayor, I will distinguish myself as a man of ethics and honesty; someone who listens; someone who cares; someone who truly represents the Citizens of Fenton.

Bob Brasses

Alderman Ward 3 and Fenton Mayoral candidate